As we know, summer is coming to an end. But don't be too sad - we have the great autumn weather to look forward to! Fall means to me: wearing cozy and more practical clothes. Today I want to show you my five fall favourites I can't live without in the season of colorful leaves and windy weather. But wait, I know what you think: It's way too expensive to buy all this stuff for the season. I have a great tip for you how to save some money. The page is a website where you can buy and sell giftcards for different shops. You can save up to 26% at or 14% at american aegle Outfitters. Take the chance and get ready for the new season.

1. colorful faux fur coats: Keep it cozy and fun with a bright faux fur coat. Pink, blue, red? Sure!

The Wow Factor: Statement Coats

2. Infinity scharfes: As the weather cools down, an easy way to transition from one season to
the next is to wrap yourself in a scarf. You can slip an infinity scarf
over your head, loop it once, and you're done.

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3. Oversized Blazer: Take it from Mary Kate Olsen - you can rock an oversized blazer as a
dress. This boxy look, usually reserved for the boys, has become a
stylish wardrobe staple for a night out. Wear it with a clutch and

Trending: Over-sized Blazers, Styled as a Dress

4. Shorts and tights combination: Yes, it's fall, but that doesn't mean you have to pack up your denim
cutoffs. Work them into your new wardrobe with a pair of tights and
boots! Candice, Olivia and Miranda all love this look.

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5. Boyfriend Cardigans:  Every wardrobe needs a comfy goes-with-everything cardigan. What's the
best way to wear an oversize boyfriend cardigan and keep your outfit
looking crisp?Take a look at this outfit.

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