Wednesday Makeup 25.01.12


Today I was at the district court with my study group. We looked at two hearings and have to write a report about the second. This hearing was very confusing and complicated. I hope I will write a good article. So, this is my job today. I will also call my parents and continue to learn phrase analysis. Yesterday I put on this make up look. I call it "cherry lady". I hope you like it.

apply foundation on your face

sleek i-divine sunset palette: below, third color to the right

apply the brown on your lid and under the lower lashes

Manhattan Intense Effect Eye Shadow Nr.11A "off white"

apply the highlighter at the inner corner of your eye and use some mascara

deep red lipstick

apply the lipstick on your lips

brown bronzer

emphasize your cheeks with the bronzer

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3 Kommentare

  1. Great natural color on your eyes.

  2. I love this make up, it looks very natural!

  3. Die Lidschatten-Palette ist wirklich toll! Damit kann man natürlich traumhafte AMUs zaubern.
    Übrigens steht dir der Lippenstift hervorragend.

    Vielen liebe Dank für's Verfolgen. Ich folge dir ja schon länger und immer wieder gern. :)
    Liebe Grüße


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