sunday afternoon


Today my social skills lesson started. It was really interesting and I like it a lot. The topic is "court reporting". I still have to read something for my lesson tomorrow. Later I will go "shopping" to buy some beauty stuff. I have to take away my trash and to study phrase analysis a little. Hope, all of you have a wonderful day. By the way, this was my sunday outfit.

I am wearing:
Jeans - H&M
Shirt - New Yorker
Blazer - Forever 21
scarve - H&M
Sneakers - no name
necklace - H&M
Bracelet - a gift from a friend

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6 Kommentare

  1. Super cute outfit :) I would never have thought to put that colour scarf with the red blazer but it actually works really well. This outfit has a brilliant European feel and the jeans are amazing! Great post :)


  2. You look very stylish and absolutely gorgeous - as always!

  3. you're amazing!! the necklace is beautiful (:


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